• AVAILABLE IN ALL DIGITAL STORE • Richie Stephens – Place Call Salento – Express Love Riddim – prod. by Morello Selecta – Yah Man Records (Salento South Italy)

Richie Stephens – Place Call Salento


Richie Stephens – Place Call Salento – Express Love Riddim
prod. by Morello Selecta – Yah Man Records (Salento South Italy)
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Eighth and last release on Express Love Riddim by Yah Man Records, label from Salento founded by Morello Selecta. On the riddim, recorded in Trepuzzi at Mad Vibes Studio by Morello Selecta on bass guitar, Papa Leo on guitar, Maestro Garofalo on keyboards and Fossa Drummer on drums, we’ve already listen to some of the most important voices of the reggae scenery. In order we had Blass, Sandra Cross, Carlton Livingston, Angela Garzia, Ras Tt, Ras Fraser, Reddman Uk and Abajonai. To top it up, we end with one of the most beautiful Ska, reggae and soul voices of Jamaica, Mr. Richie Stephens. After the collaboration with Ska Nation Band and the launch of their new album Internationally, he spent last summer in Salento. On this occasion he had the opportunity to learn more about the cultural and lifestyle aspects of this land. In fact his version on the riddim is called “Place Call Salento”. In this song Richie Stephens sings about his feelings during his stay in the heel of Italy’s boot. He describes Salento like a place full of positive energy, rich in reggae and dancehall vibes and, thanks to his contribution, also Ska. In “Place Call Salento” he refers also to Sud Sound System, real pioneers of this musical gender in Salento, with great respect, and to Ska Nation Band, that he consider his Italian family. Now, all we need to do is to press Play to listen to this last production on Express Love Riddim, waiting for more news to come from Yah Man Records.

Richie Stephens – Place Call Salento

Producers: Vincenzo Morello “Morello Selecta” for Yah Man Records
Executive Producer: Vincenzo Morello “Morello Selecta”
Writers: Richie Stephens, Raffaele Leo, Alessandro Garofalo, Antonio Miglietta, Vincenzo Morello
Publisher or Publishers: Yah Man Records
Artist: Richie Stephens
Drum: Antonio Miglietta “Fossa Drummer”
Bass: Vincenzo Morello “Morello Selecta”
Keyboards: Alessandro Garofalo “Maestro Garofalo”
Guitars: Raffaele Leo “Papa Leu”
Arrangements: Alessandro Garofalo “Maestro Garofalo”
Recorded at : Mad Vibes Studio Recording, Adriatic Sound Studio, DrummStudio
Voice Recorded at: Mad Vibes Studio Recording
Mixed by: Raffaele Leo “Papa Leu”, Vincenzo Morello “Morello Selecta”
Master: Riccardo Rinaldi “Ohm Guru”
Studio Engineer: Vincenzo Morello “Morello Selecta”
Studio Assistant: Chiara Carbone
Cover Design: Emmanuele Tafuro “Rankin Lele”
Release: 05/12/2016



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