• AVAILABLE IN ALL DIGITAL STORE • Reddman Uk – Where is The Love – Express Love Riddim – prod. by Morello Selecta – Yah Man Records (Salento South Italy)

Reddman Uk – Where is The Love


Reddman Uk- Where is The Love – Express Love Riddim
prod. by Morello SelectaYah Man Records (Salento South Italy)
buy now ITunes: https://goo.gl/YlVI43
all digital store,player: http://player.believe.fr/v2/8055323984218
Spotify: https://goo.gl/8gg6r3
official WebSite: www.yahmanrecords.com/

Yahman Records, the up and coming label from Salento founded by Morello Selecta, is gaining great success thanks to the voice of important artists like Blass, Sandra Cross, Carlton Livingston, Ras Tt and Ras Fraser. For the sixth and last release we have an artist from Uk: Redd Man. He’s a musical engineer, writer and artist who has been DJ-ing for 15 years. A voice that stands out from the rest, his music is a mix of Reggae, Bashment, Dancehall and Hip Hop. After his first exhibition at NW10 of London, he took part in “Stonebridge Park Talent Quest” and earned the first place. In the year to come Redd Man performed alongside Elephant Man in clubs and met his long term friend Gappy Ranks. They started to tour all Uk together with great success. After this, he signed a contract with “Jam Down Records” and recorded his hit track “Hanging out”. Now is the right time to invest on his own recording studio. With a Cd mixed in 2012 and a collaboration with the producer “Sadface” of Impressive Music Entertainment on his Ep “Talk of the Town” , Reddman also worked with HCMG BasslineRock Productions, Riverside Productions, Kimichi Records, PushaYoutes Productions and finally with Morello Selecta on Express Love Riddim, composed by Papa Leo on guitars, Maestro Garofalo on keyboards, Morello Selecta on bass guitar and Fossa Drummer on drums. ReddMan’s version “Where is the love” has a very deep lyric and is now available on all digital stores.

Reddman Uk- Where is The Love

Producers: Vincenzo Morello “Morello Selecta” for Yah Man Records
Executive Producer: Vincenzo Morello “Morello Selecta”
Writers: Reddman Uk, Raffaele Leo, Alessandro Garofalo, Antonio Miglietta, Vincenzo Morello
Publisher or Publishers: Yah Man Records
Artist: Reddman Uk
Drum: Antonio Miglietta “Fossa Drummer”
Bass: Vincenzo Morello “Morello Selecta”
Keyboards: Alessandro Garofalo “Maestro Garofalo”
Guitars: Raffaele Leo “Papa Leu”
Arrangements: Alessandro Garofalo “Maestro Garofalo”
Recorded at : Mad Vibes Studio Recording, Adriatic Sound Studio, DrummStudio
Voice Recorded at: U.K.
Mixed by: Raffaele Leo “Papa Leu”, Vincenzo Morello “Morello Selecta”
Master: Riccardo Rinaldi “Ohm Guru”
Studio Engineer: Vincenzo Morello “Morello Selecta”
Studio Assistent: Chiara Carbone
Cover Design:Vincenzo Morello “Morello Selecta”
Release: 01/11/2016



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