• AVAILABLE IN ALL DIGITAL STORE • Ras TT ft. Ras Fraser Jr. – Same Thing – Express Love Riddim – prod. by Morello Selecta – Yah Man Records (Salento South Italy)

Ras TT ft. Ras Fraser Jr. – Same Thing


Ras TT ft. Ras Fraser Jr. – Same Thing – Express Love Riddim
prod. by Morello SelectaYah Man Records (Salento South Italy)
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The fifth release of Yah Man Records, the up and coming label from Salento founded  by the sound engineer  Morello Selecta , is out today. We first listened to Blass (JAM), Sandra Cross (UK), Carlton Livingston (JAM) and Angela Garzia (IT) on Express Love Riddim, skilfully created by Morello and his close friends from Bag a Riddim Band. On this riddim produced by Yah Man Records we can listen to the drums of Fossa Drummer, the guitar of Papa Leu, the keyboards of Maestro Alessandro Garofalo and the bass guitar of Morello.  On the fifth release of the indipendent label  we have some really special artists. We are talking about  two brothers from Uk, Ras Fraser and Ras Tt, sons of the veteran reggae artist Philip Fraser.  Ras Tt was born in London and lived in Jamaica until 2002, when he decided to go back to the Uk  to carry on his passion for music. Along with his group R&B “Flammable Ent”, he gained more experience in the music industry. After he reached a good artistic sensibility, he went back to the Caribbean where he worked with big icons of reggae music such as Sugar Minott, Mega Bunton and Errol Dunkly. Rich in positive vibes he worked again in England with groups such as “Nutty Energy” and “Limitlus Ent”. In 2011 he produced a song with Gappy Ranks “Before I die”. Thanks to this collaboration they became great friends. We can see that  Ras Tt is a young artist but already able to go easily from a music gender  to another . His brother Ras Fraser debuted for his first time at the age of 7 whit his father Philip Fraser at the Fort Clarence Beach of Portmore.  When he went to the high school he started to properly learn the teachings of the Rastafari and the beliefs of Prince Emmanuel. His career takes off in 1999 when he recorded his first single “No escape” for Razor Sound Records. The first album of Ras Fraser Junior is “Roots my time”.  He still works for Razor Sound Records label. In 2012 he went to Jamaica with his brother  to record a song and make a documentary called “Neverous Reaction”.Well-known in Sweden and in Berlin for his collaboration with the popstar Elliphant, he performed in Miami, California, Kingston and Canada. Talent, true grit and a positive message to the youths are the main features of the music of this artist. All you have to do is to listen to the version of this two brothers, Ras Tt and Ras Fraser on Express Love Riddim to discover them..

Ras TT ft. Ras Fraser Jr. – Same Thing

Producers: Vincenzo Morello “Morello Selecta” for Yah Man Records
Executive Producer: Vincenzo Morello “Morello Selecta”
Writers:Ras TT, Ras Fraser Jr, – Same Thing, Raffaele Leo, Alessandro Garofalo, Antonio Miglietta, Vincenzo Morello
Publisher or Publishers: Yah Man Records
Artist: Ras TT ft. Ras Fraser Jr. – Same Thing
Drum: Antonio Miglietta “Fossa Drummer”
Bass: Vincenzo Morello “Morello Selecta”
Keyboards: Alessandro Garofalo “Maestro Garofalo”
Guitars: Raffaele Leo “Papa Leu”
Arrangements: Alessandro Garofalo “Maestro Garofalo”
Recorded at : Mad Vibes Studio Recording, Adriatic Sound Studio, DrummStudio
Voice Recorded at: U.K., U.S.A.
Mixed by: Raffaele Leo “Papa Leu”, Vincenzo Morello “Morello Selecta”
Master: Riccardo Rinaldi “Ohm Guru”
Studio Engineer: Vincenzo Morello “Morello Selecta”
Studio Assistent: Chiara Carbone
Cover Design: E.Dogg Graphic
Release: 15/10/2016



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