AVAILABLE IN ALL DIGITAL STORE – Sandra Cross – Dancing The Night Away prod. by Morello Selecta Yah Man Records (Salento South Italy)

Sandra Cross – Dancing The Night Away

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prod. by Morello Selecta Yah Man Records (Salento South Italy)

all digital store: http://player.believe.fr/v2/8055323982849

buy now on ITunes: https://itunes.apple.com/IT/album/id1121148140

Spotify: https://play.spotify.com/album/5hnc8mn4FgYRkKJwzB41AV

Yah Man Records, strictly from Salento, is out with the second production on “Express Love Riddim”. 

We found Morello Selecta on bass guitar and three components of the Bag a Riddim (official band of Sud Sound System): 

Fossa Drummer on drums, Papa Leo on guitar and Maestro Garofalo on keyboards. 

On this riddim you can already listen and download “Smiling Faces” from Jamaican artist Blass, 

available from the 10th of May on all digital stores. This time we’re glad to present the veteran British artist Sandra Cross. 

She started singing at the age of 9 as a solo artist in the choir of Pentecostal Church where she belonged. 

When she was only 14 she started to record her first songs with a friend in a group called Love & Unity. 

“I adore you”, recorded in 76 Records studio, soon got famous for winning a popular British talent show. 

Furthermore it was first on the Britian’s reggae chart for four weeks on 1979. What has really been crucial for her career was meeting Mad Professor, 

well-known reggae- dub selector and owner of Ariwa Records. He choosed Sandra and formed a band of only female reggae singers called Wild Bunch. 

Their album was in the Reggae Top 20 Chart. This is a great opportunity for Sandra to travel in Europe and to think about 

his career again as a solo artist. A career that will be full of success, her single “Country Living” will be on top of the 

British chart for ten weeks. She will win the British Reggae Award as best female artist for six years, from 1985 to 1991. 

Her particular style that goes from reggae to jazz and a bit of soul, is extremely interesting. 

And now, let’s listen her singing on Express Love Riddim, “Dancing the night away”.

Dancing The Night Away

Producers: Vincenzo Morello “Morello Selecta” for Yah Man Records

Executive Producer: Vincenzo Morello “Morello Selecta”

Writers:Omari Sandra Cross, Raffaele Leo, Alessandro Garofalo, Antonio Miglietta, Vincenzo Morello

Publisher or Publishers: Yah Man Records

Artist: Sandra Cross


Drum: Antonio Miglietta “Fossa Drummer”

Bass: Vincenzo Morello “Morello Selecta”

Keyboards: Alessandro Garofalo “Maestro Garofalo”

Guitars: Raffaele Leo “Papa Leu”

Arrangements: Alessandro Garofalo “Maestro Garofalo”

Recorded at : Mad Vibes Studio Recording, Adriatic Sound Studio, DrummStudio

Voice Recorded at: Studio U.K.

Backing Vocals:Sandra Cross

Mixed by: Riccardo Rinaldi “Ohm Guru”

Master: Riccardo Rinaldi “Ohm Guru”

Studio Engineer: Vincenzo Morello “Morello Selecta”

Studio Assistent: Chiara Carbone

Cover Design: Maico Graphic

Release: 10/06/2016



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