AVAILABLE IN ALL DIGITAL STORE – BLASS – Smiling Faces – prod. by Morello Selecta Yah Man Records (Salento South Italy)


“Smiling Faces” 

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out now, new single 


prod. by Morello Selecta Yah Man Records (Salento South Italy)






 BLASS: The jealousy, envy and hypocrisy behind those ‘Smiling Faces’ 

It was a natural, effortless energy that brought BLASS together with Morello Selecta, founder of Yah Man Records out of Italy, 

which lead to the birth of BLASS’ first recording with a European music label. 

A real-life experience kinda song about envy, jealousy, hate and hypocrisy; 

under the title Smiling Faces for Yah Man Records’ Express Love Riddim project 

Smiling Faces, speaks to the struggle to keep friends and acquaintances happy for your successes, 

regardless of how happy and loyal you have been to them over the years.

You go out 100% for a friend, however the moment your situation begins to improve, you see signs of anger, jealousy and hate in them. 

That is the reality behind my creation of ‘Smiling Faces’,” BLASS said. 

As to why he chose this message for the Express Love Riddim, he said: 

“The beat instantly brought out those emotions in me the moment I heard it”

Chants of “no love” and “smiling faces” emanate distinctively from the punchline of Smiling Faces,

 over a well arranged live, authentically roots Reggae rhythm. 

Instrumentals so perfectly timed to capture the mood and message of the song. 

Definitely, already one of the best recordings from the Portmore, Jamaica based dancehall and reggae artist. 

An easily relatable song that once heard, 

will create instant connections to the story; as we all at some time in our lives, struggle with jealousy, 

hate, envy and hypocrisy directed at us. 

Smiling Faces will be available on all digital platforms in Europe, Jamaica, USA (worldwide) come May 10th

Smiling Faces

Producers: Vincenzo Morello “Morello Selecta” for Yah Man Records

Executive Producer: Vincenzo Morello “Morello Selecta”

Writers:Omari Carlington Thompson, Raffaele Leo, Alessandro Garofalo, Antonio Miglietta, Vincenzo Morello

Publisher or Publishers: Yah Man Records

Artist: Blass


Drum: Antonio Miglietta “Fossa Drummer”

Bass: Vincenzo Morello “Morello Selecta”

Keyboards: Alessandro Garofalo “Maestro Garofalo”

Guitars: Raffaele Leo “Papa Leu”

Arrangements: Alessandro Garofalo “Maestro Garofalo”

Recorded at : Mad Vibes Studio Recording, Adriatic Sound Studio, DrummStudio

Voice Recorded at: Studio Jamaica

Backing Vocals:Angela Garzia

Mixed by: Riccardo Rinaldi “Ohm Guru”

Master: Riccardo Rinaldi “Ohm Guru”

Studio Engineer: Vincenzo Morello “Morello Selecta”

Studio Assistent: Chiara Carbone

Cover Design: Maico Graphic

Release: 10/05/2016



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